Monday, 31 January 2011

Eleanor Gall - Competition Designer

Ellie Gall, also another category winner from our competition last year, has had the opportunity of creating her own window display with her wonderful designs!

Changing the window display is always fun, but equally daunting at the same time, especially when you want to make an impression.

Ellie came over on a cold winters morning, laden with her props and garments, and raring to go!

When the girls come in, they know they have free reign of any of the props in the shop, although I am there to offer suggestions, I quite like to see what they come up with! I am always changing the window myself and only get to see what I create, so its always interesting to see how they take on the challenge!

Our window is always very popular with passers by, more often than not you get cars that will drive by and then reverse back up to our window, very funny to watch and also its nice to know that your displays are appreciated!! Its definately a confidence booster!!
Ellie managed to create a window within a couple of hours, she seemed to know what she wanted her display to look like straight away and so started immediately.

A couple of cups of tea later, and we braved the cold weather to see what Ellie had produced.... it was fantastic, a few suggestions and tweaks and it was perfect!! Even at that point passers by were commenting! Its great for Ellie to see that first hand!!
Ellies stock is still in store and there will be more from Ellie in the new Clifton store too, so watch out!!

Come and have a browse!!

Friday, 21 January 2011

Marissa Harmon hits Heartfelt

After winning first place in her category (18 and over Autumn/Winter evening wear) in our competition last year, Marissa Harmon has had the opportunity to showcase her collection in Heartfelt.

Her dress blew many away at the finals, the amount of time, effort and talent that went into making her garment was undeniable, and her model definately knew how to catwalk!
Marissa's outfit, like many, was sellable straight away!

Over lunch we had a great natter about Marissa's talent and there was no doubt that we wanted her to sell her delights in the shop! We arranged a date for her to come over so we could see what other pieces she had created.

You can tell from how much time she puts into producing such beautiful clothing that she enjoys being a designer, she likes to source vintage pieces to incorporate into her designs and her garments are flawless, she even has her own labels!

Marissa has made a variety of wonderful things that we are lucky to have in the shop from dresses to scarves to boleros to baby coats. Her talents are endless and I have huge admiration for her snoods!!!!
We are so happy to be working with Marissa and I can't wait for Clifton to see Marissa Harmon!!



Happy New Year!

Hello fellow followers,

We're nearing the end of January already! Where does time go these days?? It doesn't seem like only yesterday that I was over indulging on all those naughty christmas delights, by the way hope everyone had a great one!?

Like everyone else, I have adopted several new years resolutions, number one typically being to lose weight! This one however does seem to be one that I am keeping despite my lack of inner strength whenever anything slightly sweet catches my eye.

Number two, to be much more positive in everything I do, to have more confidence and accept change, as life can get pretty boring if you don't!! Thats 3 in 1!

Whilst in France on our new year vacation, I had the opportunity to have my angel cards read. Mandy had explained to me in the van on the way home that she had pulled the same card 3 times in a row, what are the odds!? She was delighted and as always, ever optomistic and full of ideas, I had to have some of this!

I pulled 12 cards, one for every month of this year, the cards I pulled out were so poignant to where I am in my life, it was amazing. With the opening of a new shop, relocation for me and Theo, the launch of our website, the excitement of our competition and the great friends and family I have are all I could ever want, and its only January!

We have so much to look forward to and this year is going to be fantastic!!!

Lets give it our all guys!!!!

Much Love

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Christmas Late Night Opening

On the 17th of December, I will be holding our christmas late night opening!

A time to enjoy a drink and a cheeky mince pie, to meet with friends, to buy yourself a Christmas outfit or just a well deserved treat!

It will be from 6pm ,but as usual, I will be there all day!

Please come along, with friends or family.

You are all welcome!


A Very Merry Heartfelt Christmas!

That special time of year has come around again, it has gone so quickly and to think that at the end of January we would have been open a year!!! Wowsa!

What a success! For me it has been a blast and I am so very grateful to be a part of this wonderful creation, I have learnt so much, met so many lovely people and made some fantastic friends!

I want to take this time to thank everyone who have supported us this year, we are so very grateful and appreciate every bit of generosity and friendship.

We hope that everyone has a fantabulous Christmas, over indulge! I will, and then worry about the few extra pounds later, thats what New Years resolutions are for!

As its Christmas, opening hours will change....

Wednesday 22nd December - 10am - 3pm

Thursday 23rd December - 10am - 5pm

Friday 24th December ( xmas eve) - 10am - 6.30pm

Christmas Day - CLOSED

Boxing Day - CLOSED

Monday 27th December - CLOSED

Tuesday 28th December - CLOSED

Wednesday 29th December - 10am - 3pm

Thursday 30th December - 10am - 3pm

New Years Eve - 10am - 3pm

New Years Day - CLOSED

Normal hours resume.

Vintage Wedding Shoot

Hey guys,

Sorry its been a while, much to tell you!

Back in September, the Heartfelt team decided to do another photo shoot with the great Martin Hill! Vintage Weddings was the theme, and Mandy wanted to do a different take to what the average bride might want to look like on her special day!

I have managed to get hold of some of the shots from that day!

Similar to the shoot back in February on the trainlines at Crowcombe Heathfield, we decided to use the same models, Kate and Annabelle Hinckley and of course the amateur in the team, me. Having done this before we are always very aware of the demands and effects of volunterring ourselves to model but as usual you can always guarantee that its going to be an amazing experience and you get dolled up!

We needed the right setting and for us it was Chapel Cleeve, an old hotel, very famous in this area. It is owned by Jeannie Wilkins, such a lovely lady who made us feel very welcome. The building is outstanding and so traditional, it was amazing to see the inside and all the paintings and furniture that she had on display.

Although it was September, typically for us it was freezing, but when you have to produce shots, you have to suck it! As for me too, heels are not my forte and by the end of the morning my feet were literally killing me. As ever though Kate and Annabelle were amazing, they are always the professionals, and always make me feel confident too.

Mandy didn't want to dress us in the traditional white gowns, she wanted to do things in her own quirky way, which is always exciting! The dresses that we got to wear were from our shop and they were gorgeous, you simply cannot imitate these pieces, they are unique, and each have their own story to tell, they have stood the test of time!

With the help from our team, we were once again able to transform ourselves and look the part! Bella Hodge, the master of make up artists, created beauty. Susie Logan with her floral designs produced some beautiful bouquets for us to hold and Susan Hinckley, the ever amazing wonderwoman who always gives us her support and love.

It was a fantastic day and have a look at the shots!