Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Tracy Chaplin

Whilst living out in France Mandy has learnt how to felt and has created her designs that you may have seen in the shop. Mandy learnt how to master this technique with the help of Tracy Chaplin, an artist is so many talents also living out in the south of France.

Tracy Chaplin is a Milliner who has an interesting and varied background, she attended the Royal Ballet School, has worked in the fine art field and has also practiced and taught Alternative Medicine.
Tracy Chaplin has created and run courses in Felted Textiles and it is here that Mandy met her. Tracy has attended a millinery course with Rose Cory, Royal warrant holder and milliner to the Queen Mother alongside creating her own designs and selling them in boutiques all over the world.

She is busy creating designs for our Competition finale and fashion show, very exciting times but here is a sneak peek at some of her early designs

The Finale and Fashion Show

Tickets are going rather fast in the shop, I have a limited number of great seats left. You don't want to miss out so contact us now!!!!!

This night is going to be fantastic.



Bon Voyage!

Last week I managed to get away again for a little break at Chateau Hawkins, some very kind family members took over the shop to give me and Theo the chance to spend some time with everyone all together.
We had a lovely week and much of the time me and Mandy were out gallivanting in Molly, her new but old Citroen 3CV, chasing the trees of the scenic meandering roads. The little beuaty can't go very fast but it simply is a must have for out there, who want's to go speeding when you can enjoy the ride and have a few giggles along the way.

With 3 "vid greniers" and a trip to the local fripperies we managed to pick up some quirky bargains, a trip to one of them saw us trying to squeeze a beautiful cabinet that Mandy is going to work her magic on into the back of Molly, it was so funny listening to the two gentlemen bickering about which way was best, this food shopping trip turned into an adventure and we found ourselves travelling along alot slower but it was realxing all the same.

A couple of gloomy days found us curling up with the dogs and watching a few films and a lot of gorgous meals and delicious desserts found us bloated and guilty but we were happy, we were lucky this time to actually see the sun, May brought us snow!!

A lovely bonfire built by Theo was a slow starter but was lovely to watch along with the lightning in the sky, why is the sky always much nicer out there than here I ask.
The week was amazing and I'm so lucky to have such lovely family.