Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Winter Warmers

With the competition and fashion show that we had organised it was undeniable that Mandy had to bring dear old Mollie over, her collection was divine and definately couldn't be shipped over by plane. The journey was certainly a long one but was sure another opportunity to bring over a selection of new clothes from ZOUM in France and some Vintage items too.

Whenever Mandy comes over its always exciting, a great chance to try on what goodies that she has brought over with her! Very tempting!!

The shop is now fully stocked again, as always though!! Full to the brim with Winter warmers.

Come over for a brew, the kettle is always on!




We've decided to go for it.

ONLINE is the way up!!

Whenever customers come in from afar, one thing they always ask us is whether we are on the internet and we say unfortunately we aren't but now we have decided to bite the bullet and go for it, so watch this space!!

With Fran, Mandys niece on board we are well on the way to establishing ourselves in the virtual world.

In the new year we should be up and running. Fingers crossed!!

20th of November!

Hi guys,

On the 20th of November I am holding an evening opening in the shop! A chance for friends to get together with a glass of bubbles and browse to your hearts content.

Sometimes our lives can become really hectic and retail therapy for me is always the best remedy.

I know its a Saturday evening and your probably usually glued to the telly with Strictly and X Factor on the go but please press record and come on down!

It will be from 6pm onwards, bring a friend too.

You can't g wrong with 15% DISCOUNT either!!!!

Muchos Love


Monday, 1 November 2010

Aaaarrrgghh Crikey!!

Its been too long guys!! I'm so sorry.

Much to tell you all.

Of course you will all remember the competition that we held this year to find "Somersets Young Fashion Designer Of The Year 2010"....its now over.

Everybodys hard work and dedication paid off and we ended it all on a high on the 23rd of October at the lovely Regal Theatre in Minehead.

The week running up to the competition was hectic, me and Mandy were actually drowning in a sea of to-do lists, there were moments of complete and utter chaos and times where we thought the jobs would never get done, but with a great team of friends, we got there.

With 16 contestants through to the final, there was much to be done, the rehearsals were on the Friday and Saturay before the show, and unfortunately there wasn't as much time to prepare everything comfortably, but a bit of faith goes a long way.

As well as the competition we were running a full on fashion show too, Mandy spent her whole summer creating a collection of gorgeousness. With beautiful fabrics, she worked away in the silence of her open barn. Whilst out in France, I had had a sneak preview of some of her pieces but was totally blown away when she returned to old Blighty, I was the only one!!

It came to the evening event, crunch time, all contestants and models had been preparing all day, it was there chance to show the public what they had created! Models were responsible for the whole image of their model and it was interesting to see the end products.

Mandy on the other hand was in charge of alll her models, she had the look in mind of what she wanted and needless to say there was HAIRSPRAY, HAIRSPRAY and oh HAIRSPRAY!

The talent of the contestants blew us all away, such committment and dedication was put into their garments and judges had a very hard time deliberating who the winner would be.

After the contestants models had strutted their stuff it was time to spectate the full on fashion extravaganza that Mandy had put together. A non-stop collaboration of Bridal by Susan Hinckley of Parham House Brides, Dunster, Millinery by award winning Tracy Chaplin, Vintage by Heartfelt, Watchet and Autumn/Winter collection by Mandy Hawkins of Heartfelt, Watchet was greatly recieved by such a supportive audience.

After much umming and arring, the judges had reached their decision, there was 1st and second places in all 4 categories and one overall winner.


1st in 18 & under day wear: Kate Rogers, 17 from Glastonbury.

2nd in 18 & under day wear: Jess Coombs, 18 from Radstock.

1st in 18 & under evening wear: Kitty Tredwin, 14 from Wellington.

2nd in 18 & under evening wear: Shannon Watts, 16 from Taunton

1st in 18 & over day wear: Eleanor Gall, 19 from Axbridge.

2nd in 18 & over day wear: Holly Spencer, 25 from Cullumpton.

1st in 18 & over evening wear: Marissa Harmon, 25, Somerset.

2nd in 18 & over evening wear: Vicks Thomas, 25, Old Cleeeve, Somerset

The overall winner was Georgia Rose, 17 from Wells.

Winning design is below.

All creations of Mandy Hawkins are now in store and also we await gorgeous pieces from winning contestants.

All in all, the evening was a great success and we are delighted with how it went. With it being the first, of course there were a few hiccups and mistakes but this has been a big learning curve and we are pleased to say that next years competition is in the pipe line and we're heading for the top!!

We would like to say a BIG thank you to all who entered and all who supported us.


Lots of Love