Monday, 26 April 2010

Vintage fair at Bath!

Morning everyone!

On my day off yesterday I thought it would be nice to go to a vintage fair at the Assembly rooms in Bath. With sis in tow I was expecting a pleasant short trip and after 3 hours of mayhem it nearly turned out to be a crosscountry roadtrip. I thought that we'd never get there, it was very eventful and at one point the old Severn bridge was in our sights(obviously the opposite direction.) Very scary driving on the motorway when you know somehow you have to turn around.

Finally on the right path, nothing could possibly stop us now, Bath was in our view and we'd be enjoying the fair very soon. Obviously it wasn't our day as we spent over an hour in a bumper to bumper traffic jam, mayhem!!!Not nice when you're bursting for the loo eh!!

There was light at the end of the tunnel and we were at the front of the queue, with our google map directions we were sure to find the assmebly rooms easily.....nope every building seems the same colour, every road looks the same, jam packed with cars both sides, parking was a nightmare!!!

After a quick toilet stop we wandered to the rooms, wow.....treasures......I was in heaven!I managed to buy a few things but just wish I had the waist for some of the lovely skirts!!Blessed with my mothers thunder thighs too, some things were impossible. Although a trader kindly suggested that rolling on them reduced the fat....I'll leave that one with you!

All in all it was a fab day, very tiring but I am happy in the knowledge that there still are some fantastic pieces out there and that I may have converted my big sister!


Monday, 19 April 2010

New stock....

Hey Heartfelt followers, this week I have been having lots of fun changing things around again, making the shop look gorgeous for all our customers is a biggy!!

With the weather changing hopefully for the long run, we're thinking its a chance to get in some gorgeous spring/summer pieces for you all. Mandy will be returning from sunny France in the next two weeks with some fabulous French clothing and also with some of her own creations as well.....come and have a browse!

I thought it would be nice to show you some snaps of the shops, maybe you'll see something you like......

Look at these gorgeous little booties!!!How adorable!

Soon I shall be posting our new window display, which will be promoting our competition for Somerset Young Fashion Designer of the Year. Keep watch!!


Sunday, 4 April 2010

Happy Easter!!

We would both like to wish everyone a very happy Easter!!! Enjoy your holidays and don't eat too much chocolate!!

Lots of love


Alice in Heartfelt!

Just a little snap to show you our latest window, we thought it would be very exciting to create an Alice in Wonderland theme!!

This wonderful 1950s dress, complete with bolero, is the centrepiece to our lovely window, surrounded by floating flowers, we wanted to give the effect that Alice was falling, much like the story.

We also thought it would be very fun to set up our own little tea party,a delicate white garden table dressed with lovely vintage teacups full with gorgeous goodies to accessorise with. A plate laid with quirky little cake cases to set it off.

A beautiful 3 piece mirror, ornate with fabulous pieces of girly vintage jewellery.
Who couldn't resist!!

The masterpiece - we have our gorgeous mad hatter style felt hat that Mandy amazingly made. Very colourful and unique!! Very Helen Bonham Carter!!

To finsh off lots of little treasures from pretty little pink heels to a lovely waterbottle cover and purse from Liberty, London.