Tuesday, 25 May 2010


Very important news, we have had a lot of interest from younger students at the schools where we have advertised our competition, we are now opening it up to 14yr olds, so if anyone knows of anyone who may be interested in entering then let them know!!!
Also pairs are accepted too!


Monday, 17 May 2010

STEP into Heartfelt!

Born November 6, 1962, Shurman left Goldsmiths college after one year becoming self taught. He has worked with Mad Magazine & Spitting Image and has had numerous exhibitions in London in the 1990's, including his sell out show "Freaks No More". His works grace the boardrooms of Live 8, Big issue and The Lighthouse,Camden. After a life changing event in 2003, his life collapsed around him, and art became his engine for spiritual growth.

Step and Heartfelt have merged, creating endless exciting opportunities for the future!

We are now exhibiting some of Steps fabulous portraits of famous people, Jimi Hendrix below takes prime postion on our SHURMAN wall. The way Step has captured his soul in this painting is beyond words.

The merge between Heartfelt and Step Shurman will be exclusive, customers will be able to purchase portraits of themselves, such an amazing opportunity to be able to have a unique insight of yourself portrayed through the eyes of such a dedicated and talented artist.

In addition the inspiration for Step to combine his art with our fashion, is an avenue to be explored. An adventure for all of us!

Steps art is amazing, both I and Mandy are fascinated by his work, the way he paints enables you to see so many colours, textures and emotions in his art. His dedication and uniqueness encompasses him and allows him to produce such outstanding and truthful pieces.

Come in and explore, be blown away!!


Thursday, 13 May 2010

France in Spring!

Last week I had the opportunity to get away from the shop and visit Mandys shack in France whilst she runs the business. I was very excited about getting a break and thought some much needed sun was definately on the cards!

With the Icelandic volcano causing ongoing disruption with the flights, I was glad that me and Theo were unaffected. The last thing I wanted was to be stranded here in the miserable weather. I wanted an easy vacation, lying in the garden in my skirts and short sleeve tops and reading an interesting book whilst tanning my milk bottles.

Waving goodbye to the cold and rain at Bristol, we soon touched down in Toulouse, it was ok, cloudy but the temperature was nice, warmer than home anyway. I've been out a few times and was anticipating the gorgeous rays we'd had before. I was ready for some serious relaxation and a spot of french shopping!!!

Monday morning was here and to my horror, it was raining, with one pair of jeans, we were reluctant to draw ourselves away from our warm sofa bed. We gave in to watching dvds and eating goodies, tomorrow is another day......

France,Spring,Snow??What was going on?I hadn't prepared for this, it was settling and it was deep, even the dogs wouldn't go outside,we had to push them out so they could we were trapped, in the middle of nowhere, with no power at one point, its amazing how much we all rely on it. At least we had our log burner.

A few days later we, unbelievably, managed to get into Saint Gaudens!The snow had gone!Shopping time!!!!I had money to spend and my lovely boyfriend on hand to carry my treasures tee hee!Several hours later and many Euros lighter, I had found some gorgeous pieces and a 21st birthday present from Theo too. The most gorgeous dress, which i'll have to put a snap of on here to show you.....It's refreshing to go to France and shop, I know that practically no one will be wearing what I bought out there. It's different and I like that.

The holiday was coming to an end and sadly the sun came out a little too late, just goes to show, we shohuldn't make presumptions lol. Nevermind we still had fun!Not sure my bank account did though??


We did Radio, what a laugh!!

Radio Interview

Had a blast talking on Beeb to Emma Britton, great lady, she made me feel comfortable, cos I was a bit nervous! Managed to plug the competition and look forward to going back and keeping everyone up to speed now and again, hooked on stardom now! If you want to have a laugh at my expense click on link 'radio interview' above.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

The Scary Steamer!

This week with Mandy being back we have had a lot of new refreshing stock and obviously its not an entirely pleasurable experience especially when you're faced with the knowledge that you will most likely have to iron the whole lot before it goes out!

Mandys sister visited the shop a couple of weekends ago and kindly gave us a steamer, it was promised that it would take the tedium out of the laborious ironing job but.......all that glitters is not gold!

As a steamer virgin yet perfectly capable of picking things up easily I decided to take the bull by the horns and just go for it, how hard could it be.....

It's on wheels, so handy that it moves but it doesnt exaclty look pretty in fact it looks like it would be more suitable for hanging drips on in a hospital, it growls at you, sounds like a monster thats just had his fill and is burping from the depths of its stomach. Spouts out hot steam at every available opportunity, so you need to be alert at all times and unfortunately lacks a hard surface, so maybe its me, but I found it harder than using an ironing board.

I'm sadly saying that I doubt I'll ever use one again, I have to say I am a traditional woman, stick to what you know I say.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Heartfelts Search For Somersets Young Fashion Designer Of The Year Competition!

AT LAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The competition has begun!
Hopefully all young Somerset fashionistas will be manically filling in their entry forms - available online at Carly Press - with the ambition of becoming Somersets Young Fashion Designer of the Year.
We are working very hard to make this competition as high profile as possible, glossy magazines, TV, radio etc, any ideas welcome!
The aim is to promote Somerset and the best way possible is to involve all the talented young people in this beautiful and amazing area.

The competition will run as follows;
Entry form to be submitted by the 7th June - please note that there are 4 categories:
16 - 18 yr olds and 18 - 26 yr olds
Autumn/Winter collection Day wear
Autumn/Winter collection Evening wear

Note there is a mistake on the entry form concerning these categories!!

Stage one: Mood boards to be made and submitted by the 2nd July - let your imaginations run wild and enjoy yourselves.

Stage two: Outfits to be made and submitted by the 20th August.

Stage three: Entrants to present their creations on models of their choice in front of judging panel. Date and venue to be confirmed.

Final: Finalists to present their creations in a fashion show in front of Panel of judges - to include: Alice Temperley (Designer), Susan George (Actress), Sophie Gorton (Central St Martins lecturer), Martin Hill (photographer) Mandy Hawkins (competition organiser)Susan Hinckley (Designer) - very enthusiastic audience!
This event will be exciting and absolutely full of fun!!!!!!!!!


Who knows what fantastic things can happen to those who dare!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just wish I was young again and had the courage of my convictions! Instead I will do all I can to help and encourage anyone who does want to have a go!
All are welcome to join in if you are aged between the ages of 16 and 26, male or female.
Our telephone number is 01984 248084 if you would like to talk to me personally, or just pop into the shop, have a cuppa and brainstorm your ideas with me!

Our address is; Heartfelt, 8 Swain Street, Watchet, Somerset, TA23 OAB.

This could be the beginning of something of something WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mandy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Competition Terms and Conditions.

Entrants must have a Somerset address.
Entrants must be the correct age at date of entry.
All mood boards and garments submitted at entrants own risk.
Judges decision is final in all cases.
At each judging stage of the competition, successful entrants will be informed and progress to next stage.