Saturday, 11 December 2010

Vintage Wedding Shoot

Hey guys,

Sorry its been a while, much to tell you!

Back in September, the Heartfelt team decided to do another photo shoot with the great Martin Hill! Vintage Weddings was the theme, and Mandy wanted to do a different take to what the average bride might want to look like on her special day!

I have managed to get hold of some of the shots from that day!

Similar to the shoot back in February on the trainlines at Crowcombe Heathfield, we decided to use the same models, Kate and Annabelle Hinckley and of course the amateur in the team, me. Having done this before we are always very aware of the demands and effects of volunterring ourselves to model but as usual you can always guarantee that its going to be an amazing experience and you get dolled up!

We needed the right setting and for us it was Chapel Cleeve, an old hotel, very famous in this area. It is owned by Jeannie Wilkins, such a lovely lady who made us feel very welcome. The building is outstanding and so traditional, it was amazing to see the inside and all the paintings and furniture that she had on display.

Although it was September, typically for us it was freezing, but when you have to produce shots, you have to suck it! As for me too, heels are not my forte and by the end of the morning my feet were literally killing me. As ever though Kate and Annabelle were amazing, they are always the professionals, and always make me feel confident too.

Mandy didn't want to dress us in the traditional white gowns, she wanted to do things in her own quirky way, which is always exciting! The dresses that we got to wear were from our shop and they were gorgeous, you simply cannot imitate these pieces, they are unique, and each have their own story to tell, they have stood the test of time!

With the help from our team, we were once again able to transform ourselves and look the part! Bella Hodge, the master of make up artists, created beauty. Susie Logan with her floral designs produced some beautiful bouquets for us to hold and Susan Hinckley, the ever amazing wonderwoman who always gives us her support and love.

It was a fantastic day and have a look at the shots!

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