Friday, 21 January 2011

Marissa Harmon hits Heartfelt

After winning first place in her category (18 and over Autumn/Winter evening wear) in our competition last year, Marissa Harmon has had the opportunity to showcase her collection in Heartfelt.

Her dress blew many away at the finals, the amount of time, effort and talent that went into making her garment was undeniable, and her model definately knew how to catwalk!
Marissa's outfit, like many, was sellable straight away!

Over lunch we had a great natter about Marissa's talent and there was no doubt that we wanted her to sell her delights in the shop! We arranged a date for her to come over so we could see what other pieces she had created.

You can tell from how much time she puts into producing such beautiful clothing that she enjoys being a designer, she likes to source vintage pieces to incorporate into her designs and her garments are flawless, she even has her own labels!

Marissa has made a variety of wonderful things that we are lucky to have in the shop from dresses to scarves to boleros to baby coats. Her talents are endless and I have huge admiration for her snoods!!!!
We are so happy to be working with Marissa and I can't wait for Clifton to see Marissa Harmon!!



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  1. I have passed you a 'Stylish blogger award'! Details are on my latest post Linda :)